Monday, 18 November 2013

November & December 2013 Colours of Nature Challenge

November & December 2013 Colours of Nature Challenge - 

3 or 4 smaller photos is required which is Family orientated.... Those family who you would like to have around over the Christmas Celebration Time.

Sorry about the missing of October and the delay in November, so have made it for December as well.  We moved mid October with 2 huge trucks which took 3 days to load to travel from Biloela to Gympie, then to unload and unpack... Such a big task and I am not moving again... 
This is where my hubby and I will retire and remain....

So here is a Colourful Picture which would be lovely to make up to share with friends and family over our special season of Christmas.  Looking forward to your interpretations and inspirations from this wonderful picture.  Makes me hungry just looking at it....

Please remember the list at the beginning of the blog to include in your pages.


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