Sunday, 12 October 2014

UPDATE - My wish is to get back to Scrapbooking. Looking forward to 2015

UPDATE of where I have been -

Forseeing the future below, while we could and had the money, we went to America for 9 weeks from end of March 2013 till returning 1st June 2013.  (Long Service time) 
Home to packing waiting to receive the final date for hubbies work closure.  My hubbies job he had with Queensland Rail for 29 years closed it doors and it was time to move in October 2013.

Since our move, I have not been able to do any scrapbooking..

  • We purchased a house in Gympie October 2013
  • Had the big move 2 x 12 ton trucks plus 8 car & trailer loads (Blowing the motor in one car during a journey, and then 2 flat tyres on the trailer in one night)  Excitement with a difference.  Thanks to RACQ on both accounts
  • The house was a renovators delight... Scrapbooking with the outside and inside...
  • No full time work for hubby till August 2014
  • So I devoted my time to selling my items I had purchased for the on line store which did not take off  on EBay where I have been working more than full time ever since and is doing very well.  ( I have had only 2 sales in 12 months and that was from a flyer I put out with every EBay Sale)  Guess what, me thinks the on-line store will not continue when renewal time comes.

  • EBay store links are


      THE HOUSE - Now our HOME
       Listed as Renovators delight... Hard work was my way of thinking.
      My hubby is a carpenter by trade, so all just a piece of cake for him.

       This northern outside wall was a mess and a lot of rotten boards due to no gutters.
      The structure underneath was sound, which was great news.
       Gutters on now and a massive huge difference

       This front Patio needed total straightening and realigning.
       Had major work underneath to get the door to shut properly.

       And now some of the front is completed but hubby is back at work and this is what we look at each day till he gets more time.  At least the gutters all work now..

      Thankyou for looking. I really do enjoy my Scrapbooking.  (When I get back to it)

      Monday, 18 November 2013

      November & December 2013 Colours of Nature Challenge

      November & December 2013 Colours of Nature Challenge - 

      3 or 4 smaller photos is required which is Family orientated.... Those family who you would like to have around over the Christmas Celebration Time.

      Sorry about the missing of October and the delay in November, so have made it for December as well.  We moved mid October with 2 huge trucks which took 3 days to load to travel from Biloela to Gympie, then to unload and unpack... Such a big task and I am not moving again... 
      This is where my hubby and I will retire and remain....

      So here is a Colourful Picture which would be lovely to make up to share with friends and family over our special season of Christmas.  Looking forward to your interpretations and inspirations from this wonderful picture.  Makes me hungry just looking at it....

      Please remember the list at the beginning of the blog to include in your pages.


      Friday, 6 September 2013

      September 2013 Monthly Challenge - Flower Garden

      SEPTEMPER 2013 Monthly Challenge 
      Here is the Colours of Nature Challenge
      1 Photo 5 x 7 
      Looking forward to your interpretations.

      Thankyou Kylie Dean... Loved this interpretation and you have now received your Voucher...  Sorry it has taken so long...  Moving YEP moving...

      Thursday, 1 August 2013

      August Challenge is with these colours of SNOW capped Mountains in America

      ****** AUGUST CHALLENGE 2013******
      SNOW capped Mountains in America and the surroundings 
      that appears baron with not much life after winter.
      Please Email me on or send me your link to Facebook or another connection for me to copy of your interpretation of these colours and inspiraton.
      More than 4 Photos is required. on a single Layout Page.

      Thank you all for your participation.  
      They were all great with colour interpretation.

      And here is a couple pages bringing out the colours from these pictures

      "WAITING" - This page has lots of Punch work, Flowers, Inking, Embellishment Shell , Ribbon Braid & Distressing.  

      With the colours, Black, Blue, Yellow/Browns, some Green

      "SKI TRIP" with Stamping, Punching, Inking, cut out letters. 

      With the colours, Black, Blue, Yellow/Browns, some very Pale Green

      Emailed Entries that have arrived 
      First One was from Elizabeth Whyte a wonderful interpretation

      2nd One from Kylie Dean another wonderful interpretation and colouring

      3rd One from Brenda Caldow with a gorgeous colour interpretation as well.

      Thankyou for looking

      Monday, 1 July 2013

      Challenge July 2013 from Njoyfull Crafts COLOURS OF NATURE

      My O My since our return home, June as been just busy busy busy.... Sorry I still have some updating to do on here from when we were away... but I will get to it in the next couple days.

      Here is the next Monthly picture for the July Challenge for Colours of Nature... you may use any amount of pictures you wish combined with the listed requirements at the top of the Blog...

      This is a picture from the aeroplane window of the sunset as we travelled to America from Australia

      Please email your creation so I can load it onto the page.  I do not have the Linkz at this time.
      Here are 2 Creations that I, Narelle Barton have completed, that work in with the requirements.  
      This first one I used the Sketch from One Upon a Sketch which I will link to here.
       This page incorporated this Sketch from Once Upon a Sketch together with a choice or theme beside it.

       AND the second page that I have completed, this one appears to be a little light on the pinks and apricot colours.. Never mind... I actually did this Page for Scrapbook Fantasies where the topic was "Best Friends". Looking forward to what you come up with

      Thank you to Kylie Dean who has for the first time entered a Challenge and has sent 2 to me
      The first has taken on the Dark Blue/Grey Colours as the main theme where Kylie has created a Double Page seeing as the pictures were unlimited -

      and here is Kylies 2nd Entry, which she sent to me...

      Thank you to Louise Davis for her contribution.  Louise is more a sewer but wanted to Scrapbook some of her memories . Thank you.
      CONGRATULATIONS to LOUISE DAVIS for her LO above, bringing out the Lilacs, Pinks and Deep Purple Colours with the White tips on the clouds.  Also for having the required embellishments and work in the page, as required by Njoyfull Crafts.  Louise will be sent a $20.00 Voucher to spend at Njoyfull Crafts of her choice.

      Thankyou for all your entries.  
      There is much work and thought in all of the entries.

      Thank you to Jane Schultz for this Page Contribution.

      This page Contribution was sent in by Elizabeth Whyte.

      Monday, 10 June 2013

      JUNE 2013 Challenge Njoyfull Crafts Colours of Nature 

      Back from a 2 month trip in America, has to include a picture from one of the many beautiful places we visited.

      The challenge requires 2 or 3 Pictures, smaller than 6" x 4"  with any inspiration that may come from these Pictures.  

      These are Pictures of the prettiest Canyon I feel we saw.  
      It is at Bryce Point, Bryce Canyon, Utah and is 8,300 ft above sea level.  

      Please include the other requirements at the beginning of this Blog.
      A $20.00 Voucher at Njoyfull Crafts (Ribbons, Braids n Lace as well as chipboard, Flowers and Cardstock) On-line Store is up for the most preferred page.

      This is my first day at a computer since my arrival back home.
      I hope to get some pages completed later this week

      2 pages that Narelle Barton completed not for this, but yet matches well -

      An Entry from Brenda for this Challenge which matched the colours perfectly

      Thank you
      A voucher code will be emailed to you for this challenge for spending at the store
      Thankyou for looking.  Hope you will participate.

      Friday, 1 March 2013

      AUTUMN 2013 Challenge Page March, April & May

      Njoyfull Crafts Colours of Nature AUTUMN 2013 Challenge

      The Winner will receive a Package of Embellishments while the Store in Inactive.

      We have the month of MARCH which is the commencement of AUTUMN, so I have an Autumn Scene.
      This picture was taken by a friend of mine who lives in Iceland, so yes this is an Icelandic Picture.

      At this stage this ONE challenge will run for the whole of Autumn, March, April & May.
      If you wish to complete a Page per month and enter 3 Pages you are welcome to.
      I intend to Repost another for June, then it should be monthly from then on.

      The challenge requires a Picture  5" x 7", or a cut back 5" x 7" square to 5" x 5" as I have, a Lamp Post or Similar and any inspiration that may come from the Picture.  Please include the other requirements at the beginning of this Blog.
      Note the small Blue Flowers in this bottom right hand corner.

      Looking forward to your pages.   
      Please email your Layouts to me at ADDING  "CHALLENGE AUTUMN 2013" in the Subject bar, so I can post them for you.

      Our store, will be closing for Maintenance on 10th March until we return from overseas, and complete other things going on in our personal lives, most likely till 11th August.

      BUT I AM BACK EARLY as from 11 th JUNE 2013.  

      Expected plans have changed.


      Here is my page that I have created with this picture, and I used the Sketch from Once Upon A Sketch, which I sponsor, to complete it.

      I have include all that I needed - I have the Lamp Post, Leaf Ribbon, Flowers, Other Leaves, Butterflies, A Bird and some Diamonties

      Here are LO's completed using these colours by Brenda Caldow <>
      during this 3 month period.

      with this LAYOUT. 
      Thank you

      A Voucher Code will be emailed to you for purchasing at Njoyfull Crafts on-line store.

      Thank you for your Participation